ENI's commitment to quality, ownership of challenges and exceeding requirements has kept their relationship with Energylight going for a decade

"ENI respond to our needs. They own it if there's ever a problem, and they deliver on what we're after."

- Mark Thomson, General Manager - Energyline

Energylight understand the big impact good lighting can have on people, and for a decade have partnered with ENI to deliver outstanding commercial lighting environments.

As a group, Energylight has over 14 years’ experience in lighting across both manufacturing and design. They are New Zealand owned and operated, specialising in lighting commercial, outdoor, industrial, architectural, education and public spaces.

The Energylight Group consists of three business units:

  • Energylight - a sales business.
  • Energyline - a manufacturing and export business.
  • Altitude Lighting - sales business in Victoria, Australia.

They provide a range of lighting and control products, from a range of brands including their own locally manufactured Energyline division.

ENI has, for 10 years, processed a range of aluminium extrusion for linear lighting, the kind seen in large buildings like supermarkets, universities and commercial office facilities. ENI cut to the required lengths, weld the sections and then powder coat. The sections are then shipped to Energyline, where the lighting is assembled.

ENI's relationship with Energylight began when one of their manufacturers was presenting them with some difficulties. They were considering the hunt for a new contract manufacturer when ENI came across their radar.

The solutions that ENI outlined would help address the challenges they were facing with their current contractor. Initially, some of Energylight's sheetmetal manufacturing was outsourced to ENI, but that grew to include the new Energyline product as well. "As we started to develop the linear lighting system, we began sending that work ENI's way as well," Mark says. "That's on top of the significant amount of sheetmetal work they've done for us over the years."

Energyline has been involved in a number of projects for large organisations such as the University of Canterbury, and ENI have provided the components for lighting and troffers (a light fixture that fits into a suspended ceiling), as well as sheetmetal.



Pictured: Tūranga (Christchurch Central Library) which ENI contributed towards alongside Energylight


Outsourcing - the key benefits

With ENI providing the componentry for the linear lighting, staff at Energyline are able to spend more time on their core business. "It means we can focus on what we're good at, which is building light fittings," says Mark. "We're not fabricators or sheetmetal manufacturers, and with ENI looking after that aspect, we can focus on our key skills."

Manufacturing the components in-house would be very expensive, Mark explains. Outsourcing to ENI has meant reduced costs in terms of overheads and capital, while still enjoying the benefits of quality engineering.

Although Energyline makes use of other contract manufacturers, he says that ENI is one of their key suppliers. "They respond swiftly to our quality requirements, and they take them seriously," Mark explains. "We're pretty fussy, and I can't recall them ever arguing with me over quality. If there's a problem, they own it. They just fix it."

Mark goes on to say that the working relationship with ENI has been positive and enjoyable. "They're a good bunch of people," he says. "They're really easy to engage with. Jeremey's been our go-to guy from the beginning, and like the rest of them he's solid. They all inspire confidence, we know our stuff's going to be looked after."

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