ENI Engineering has always had a good relationship with Dominion Constructors, so it was a great opportunity to get together with them again for the major University of Canterbury Engineering building project.

A new facade was being designed for one of the College of Engineering buildings, and ENI's task was to manufacture the metalwork that supported the facade. This required a lot of folding and welding of sheet metal, as well as powder coating.

Alongside Dominion Constructors, the team at ENI managed the project, which for us was about 9 months. It included site measuring – which was one of the greater challenges – shop drawings, manufacturing the components and delivering everything to the site.  Finding the best method to manufacture the componentry required some innovative thinking, given the complexity of the metalwork and the need for it to work on all areas of the building. It was clear that while custom-making every bracket wasn’t feasible, the compromise was to design and manufacture adjustable brackets instead.

The new facade acts as a sunshade for the building, while still allowing natural light. While the concept wasn't ENI's, our challenge was making it work given the building wasn't square all the way. Together with Dominion, we were able to find the solution which involved the abovementioned adjustable brackets. It was a challenge we enjoyed and we were pleased to be able to resolve this challenge and achieve the unique façade.

In terms of scale, this has been one of ENI’s larger projects, and the outcome has been a great one. Because it's been such a big job, it's required many hours and some outside-the-box thinking. That it's turned out so well is testament to the level of teamwork required to make it happen.

Dominion Constructors have been chosen as finalists in the 2018 NZ Building Industry Awards for this project. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on August 24.

If you’d like to find out more about the work that went into the UC Electrical Link building, or would like to chat with someone about how ENI can help with your upcoming project, contact us today.