‘Outsourcing’ is a familiar term to anyone who’s in business. It means using a contractor for a specific project – in this case, metal fabrication. What’s not always clear are the benefits that come with contract manufacturing, or how to find a partner who’ll understand your needs and work with your business to provide the best outcome for both parties.

It’s with that in mind that we’ve developed a new eBook, How contract manufacturing can help you make it big. This is a guide to help you assess whether using a contract manufacturer is right for your business.

Sheet metal fabrication is a crucial element of many manufactured products. It is a critical component of machinery and instrumentation particularly. That's why it's important that firms developing products get to know their contract manufacturing partner and how its capabilities can meet their needs.

So what does contract manufacturing mean when it comes to precision sheet metal fabrication? It can mean a business will get the manufacturer to make just a sheet metal box, right through to fitting it out with plastic parts, cables and electronics and then supplying that as a finished product, or it can mean manufacturing of a much larger component.

The eBook covers the following:

  • Why go with a contract manufacturer? – there are lots of good reasons to bring in a contractor, especially for sheet metal fabrication. They range from a shortage of resources to time pressures and development of prototypes. A business needs to clearly identify their needs before deciding on a contract manufacturing partner.
  • Benefits of contract manufacturing sheet metal fabrication – cost management, access to innovation, health and safety and reduced risks are some of the benefits.
  • The downsides – there are reasons not to outsource. If you’re concerned about loss of control or that you’ll have to make some staff redundant, it’s worth thinking about again. As with anything, when you’re making a decision it’s important to weigh up the pros and the cons.
  • The China question – as most business owners are aware, lots of manufacturing projects get outsourced to China. It’s important to understand the real costs of this approach.
  • Selecting the right contract manufacturing partner – as with any business partnership, you want to work with a contract manufacturer who understands your goals and objectives, and has a proven record to back up their reputation.
  • The ENI partnership – when ENI comes on board with your business, you’ll be getting a breadth of services and capabilities, deep industry experience, exceptional people with exceptional attitudes and above all, a commitment to quality. And ENI will have some questions for you as well.

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