The Aorangi Sponsorship Programme funds camps for kids in lower decile schools, aimed at helping them benefit from a unique experience in a stunning natural environment, giving them a respite from the challenges they face in their urban lives, and teaching them the importance of community, friendship and sharing. The idea is to support communities that would otherwise not be able to take advantage of spending time in a natural, healing environment.

The programme is one of several camps run by Living Springs, a community organisation that provides camping experiences for schools, holidays, church and other community groups. It was founded in the 1970s by a group of local people, including the parents of ENI Engineering CEO, John Down. He has continued that legacy, and is now Chairman of Living Springs and an enthusiastic advocate of the Aorangi Programme. It was through this involvement that John has brought ENI Engineering on board as sponsors of the programme.

"Many kids from lower decile schools get to go through the education programme with Aorangi, to experience the natural beauty of the area and all the other great things Living Springs has to offer,” John says. “Their schools often struggle to afford these camping trips, so we help out."

John goes on to say, that after having been involved with the programme for a long time, he has seen it make genuine differences to the kids' lives, and that it has real strength.

"I've really been impressed with the good Aorangi does, and the difference they make in kids' lives," John explains.

ENI, a business that, in John's words, "makes stuff" and takes pride in looking after their employees, nevertheless feels that they have a responsibility to extend that care to the wider community. John's history with Living Springs notwithstanding, community involvement and reaching out to those in need is something that figures largely in the values system of the overall ENI ethos. "It's important for us at ENI to be able to make a difference in the wider community," John explains. "We're committed to being a good corporate citizen."

ENI's commitment to helping children in lower decile schools also extends to funding a counselling programme at a Hornby charity, helping them to navigate their education.

ENI's reputation as one of Canterbury's leading contract manufacturers is built on these values - the importance of community involvement and support, and making a difference in the lives of others. "Our aim is to help our customers make it big," John says. "We have big ideas and big hearts, and we can help our customers to make a big impression and a big difference."

John goes on to say that although there are many businesses in Canterbury that take an active interest in supporting the community, there's definitely room for more. "All the Canterbury businesses that do what they can to make a difference are contributing enormous value," John says. "We're hoping that more of them follow our lead and see what a difference they can make."

If you’re keen to learn more about ENI’s community involvement, or how we can help your business to ‘make it big’, we’d love to start a discussion.