ENI Engineering has recently partnered with Australian manufacturing company Stoddart, in a move that seemed the logical next step after enjoying a working relationship that goes back 15 years or more.

Stoddart specialises in outdoor infrastructure (bus shelters, seating, outdoor furniture), commercial kitchen fit-outs, and plumbing such as stainless steel toilet bowls and sinks for outdoor facilities.

In the past, ENI has been approached by various council departments across New Zealand, requesting the design and manufacture of all kinds of outdoor furniture such as BBQ tables, park benches, shelters, rubbish bins. And while we’ve been happy to create the designs and then manufacture them, the partnership with Stoddart means that we’ll benefit from an increased marketing collateral, while becoming Stoddart’s representatives in New Zealand.

The partnership will see ENI working with Stoddart's marketing department to become exclusive distributors of Stoddart outdoor infrastructure and street furniture in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The target market is the town and country planning departments of city councils, and large industrial landscape architects. Stoddart have all the designs in place, and ENI have the manufacturing means. It also means an increase in Stoddart's brand awareness in New Zealand, without them having to actually set up a company here.

A key long term objective of the partnership is for Stoddart to become the leading infrastructure brand in the marketplace, while ENI becomes the go-to manufacturer for outdoor commercial furniture.

What this means is if you're thinking about outdoor infrastructure, the partnership between ENI and Stoddart is aimed at providing the whole package from design to manufacture.

If you’re keen to learn more about ENI’s partnership with Stoddart and how it can benefit your plans for outdoor infrastructure, we’d love to start a discussion.