An introductory guide to selecting playground and other school equipment

New Zealand schools have recently been granted funding to work independently in terms of playgrounds and equipment, rather than having to source it via the Ministry of Education.

The problem is often finding the time to plan, and then to put those plans into action. Principals, teachers, administrators and those on the Board of Trustees are often pressed for time, and projects of the size of a new playground keep getting pushed to one side.

To help, we have produced this introductory guide to help Boards of Trustees, Principals and other stakeholders when making decisions around playground design and school equipment, so they can develop safe, engaging and nurturing school grounds..

In this eBook you'll learn:

  • The five key elements of playground design
  • The importance of taking a long term view on planning to make sure new projects won't be a barrier for future developments
  • How to access funding for building playground equipment
  • Key ideas and inspiration for safe and collaborative playgrounds

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