Concrete free footing systems

A fast and reliable steel alternative to traditional footings such as bored piers and screw piles used in every type of soil.

About Surefoot

Surefoot Footings is the concrete free alternative to screw piles that is revolutionising the footing industry.image006

Their high strength, hybrid ‘all-in-one’ steel footings are specifically designed to increase its efficiency when resisting gravity, uplift, shear and moment loads. Job specific and designed according to the soil conditions of your site, their answer to screw pile foundations can be used on a wide range of projects, meeting all compliance and regulations.

ENI Engineering is a strategic partner of Surefoot. With a mutual passion for innovation, ENI and Surefoot are able to offer New Zealand councils and organisations the very best in footing solutions.


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Product Features

  • No mess, no soil is being removed
  • No excavating or specialist machinery onsite.
  • Any trades person can install
  • Sustainable and Green. Removable if required
  • Significant advantages over timber and concrete or screw piles
  • 6 Surefoot pile cap models (patented design) support any structure
  • 'Tree root' bearing capacity of the soil around the micropiles creates significant strength
  • Fast Install - less than 10 minutes per pile. Then ready to use
  • Specialist building solution for foundations in all soil types
  • Lifespan for 50 years - likely to have 50-120 year lifespan. (600 g/m2 HDG)
  • Cyclonic rated
  • Surefoot have a number of different connection details enabling all structures to be secured
  • In house Engineering teams to design and issue PS1/PS4

Surefoot Documentation

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