Cross Arm Cover

A deceptively simple, cost-effective and green solution to the problem of bird-related outages for electricity lines.

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About the Cross Arm Cover

ENI worked with Aurora Energy, Delta Utility Services and the Department of Conservation to develop the Cross Arm Cover to protect birdlife and support electricity supply security.

A surprisingly common cause of outages in different parts of New Zealand is our endangered native falcon, the Kārearea. Due to the length of their wing span, they often bridge the lines when they take off, causing:

  • The lines tripping out when birds connect with them, requiring a reset onsite by technicians, a cost that the power companies and their customers must meet.
  • Electrocution and death. As an endangered species, this is a serious threat to their population size.

The Cross Arm Cover protects the Kārearea and other birdlife, and power companies no longer have to send technicians out to reset at direct cost to users and the companies.

How does it work?

The Cross Arm Cover is a protective plastic insulating measure fitted over the equipment. It allows birds like the Kārearea to perch and take off from power equipment without hitting live overhead lines.

  • Made from the same recycled plastic that ENI use when manufacturing power distribution boxes.
  • The shield is designed to fit 100 x 100 galvanised or wooden cross arms.
  • Can be fitted with new installations or retrofitted.

Falcon Shield (2)

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