ENI Engineering Wood Fire Manufacturing Flues

ENI Engineering has combined with Ethos to manufacture a Hotter, Cleaner, and Greener woodfire which meets all the efficiency and emissions requirements of the Ministry for the Environment.

In fact, Ethos is so confident in their design and ENI’s manufacturing quality that they have offered a 15 year warranty on all fireboxes sold after June 1st 2012.

15 year warranty on all fireboxes sold after June

Ethos Woodfires are purposely designed to be different and work simply unlike any other log burner, through;

  • Different Technology: The Econ-Air flue sources combustion air from outside your home which is heated to more than 300°C as it enters the firebox, ensuring it burns cleaner and hotter.
  • Different Firebox: The dynamic multi-burn firebox features 2 rear spacer bricks that create combustion (gas) chambers in each corner.
  • Different Flue System: The heat saving flue system requires no ventilation so the room heat produced by your fire stays inside your home.


With these key differences, Ethos boldly guarantees that their woodfires offer;

  • Better Efficiency: The unique combustion system burns all fuel and combustible gases more completely, to ensure you receive more heat.
  • Better Economy: Fuel is burned thoroughly so you use much less firewood – up to 50% less than your old log fire – saving you money!
  • Better Comfort: Drawing combustion air from outside your home eliminates the uncomfortable draughts often suffered in the room with conventional log fires.
  • Better for our Environment: The advanced combustion technology reduces up to 95% of smoke and pollutants and has achieved the cleanest tested average emission in New Zealand: 0.3g/kg.


so you can enjoy warmth, guilt free.