Albion Square ENI Engineering Lyttleton Chirstchurch New Zealand

Early November, 2014 marks the grand opening of Port Lyttelton’s Albion Square, a project that ENI Engineering Ltd is proud to have had a significant contribution to. This Civic Square is located in the heart of the Lyttelton’s Township and is an iconic centerpiece for all the towns’ community to enjoy.

The project itself included a number of different steelwork elements that required precision and quality, traits that ENI Engineering prides itself on.

Our design and fabrication team are delighted with the end results of their labour and feel that the products they have supplied and installed really enhance the overall aesthetic of the project. 

From the Koru water feature and the overhead steelwork through to the handrails and balustrades, ENI Engineering is immensely proud of the part we played in such a wonderful project and would like to congratulate all those who took part in this endeavor.

Albion Square Photo Set Final


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