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Christchurch City Bus Shelters is a large and ongoing project for ENI Engineering that includes manufacturing and maintenance of bus shelters within the Canterbury region. Working closely with Fulton Hogan and the Christchurch City council.

The first bus shelters manufactured were made of Mild Steel with a plastic roofing system. Whilst this provided a suitable outcome, it was apparent over a period of time that there could be a far better cost effective way to manufacture the structures.

With ENI’s design team and skilled engineering knowledge, the decision was made to reconstruct these shelters entirely out of Aluminium, roofing included which is then powder coated into the desired colours. This redesign, not only increased the life expectancy of the shelters but also provided the best cost effective solution. In the end, for every two shelters constructed, the third one was free.

Today, not only do ENI Engineering continue to be the preferred provider of these structures but we also provide maintenance where required..

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