ENI Engineering Supporting Crusaders Rugby Christchurch New Zealand

Supporting the Crusaders rugby team is an iconic part of being a Cantabrian, and the experience of supporting the Crusaders during home games at AMI Stadium is enhanced by the theatrics that Crusaders management have built into the experience.

Supporters are always delighted by the horsemen who open the game by riding around the field brandishing their swords, and the high of having the home team score a try is highlighted by the "ring of fire" burners which flare when the team score any points.

This year (2014) the Crusaders wanted to add eight more burners to really amp up the experience and we were very pleased to assist with the project.

"The Crusaders had a vision to build a ‘ring of fire’ at AMI Stadium so were delighted when ENI Engineering came on board to assist us with achieving this vision.

Crusaders Pics

The gas burners are an integral part of the Crusader brand and we were looking to add to the two burners we currently had at the stadium so approached ENI Engineering, together with Gascraft Engineering to fabricate eight additional gas burner units. The burners are situated at strategic points around the field to create a ‘ring of fire’ when ignited.

We have been very impressed by ENI Engineering’s enthusiasm to help us achieve our dream – they have been fantastic to deal with throughout the whole process." Brooke Freeman – CRFU Promotions Manager

"This has been an exciting project for ENI Engineering and has been a great topic of conversation around the office and workshop. The whole process for us has been a very interesting and fast moving one which has also prompted us to move forward upgrading our image. We have done this by creating a new design for our logo and also by getting our website up and running." Jeremey Wood – Business Development Manager



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