Margaret Mahy Family Park ENI Engineering Metal Work CERA

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Tuesday December 22, 2015; the official opening date for this new and exciting children’s playground in the heart of Christchurch’s Central Business District saw families and sightseers flooding to this area. ENI Engineering are proud to have been a part of the Margaret Mahy Playground Project from the get go and our Engineers have been working around the clock to ensure quality results.

Mahy Project 1


ENI Engineering had various metal works going into this project, ranging from corten steel pillars and planter box caps to create a unique and rustic look to compliment the water features.

Mahy Project 2


Running along the edges of the various walkways and entrance ways also show meters of stainless steel hand railings that were welded together on site.

Mahy Project 3


The park also showcases a programming master piece seen with the light blue powder coated surfboard attached to the side of the flying fox to act as a safety barrier. After 40 hours programming the design, the end result is satisfying to see and proudly stands at the top of the hill where it can be seen from the main entrance to the park.

Mahy Project 4


Likewise, our multi-coloured yellow and blue power cabinet stands pride of place and blends into the fun and elaborate surroundings.

Mahy Project 5


At night time, the park changes into a beautiful light display that are not seen during the daylight hours.

Mahy Project 6


Keep an eye out for the newest chapter in the Margaret Mahy Family Park construction in the form of shade sails and various structures to assist food vendors and barbequing facilities.

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