Providing Shade at Margaret Mahy Family Park

Stage two of the Margaret Mahy Family Park development included much needed shade sails to protect users and equipment from the harsh summer sun and a sheltered BBQ structure.

The BBQ structure was designed and manufactured by our skilled design team and engineers who worked on site to install the structure. Wooden panellings incorporate the natural aesthetics and grey powdercoated steel beams and brackets holding the structure together compliment these. Along with this BBQ structure, ENI Engineering manufactured seating arrangements (designed by Walkspace Ltd.) for park partons with benches and tables that are also wheelchair accessible.

Marg Mahy Pt 2 Seating&Shelter Pic Banner.png


The shade sails for the park are designed specifically to work with the positioning of the sun to continuously provide shade in the most critical times during the day. The sails are designed to reflect leaves and manufactured to work with all seasons Christchurch weather throws at them. Each column represents the stem of a flower/tree, and has been finished with a glossy dark grey with glitter that sparkles in the summer sun.

Marg Mahy Pt 2 Shade Sails Installatio Pic Banner.png


Our next project at the Margaret Mahy Playground is concession stands for food truck vendors that will provide shelter from the weather and also shade for customers standing waiting.

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