Laser Profile Cutting ENI Engineering

Laser cutting is an accurate and cost effective method, enabling minimised waste and production time. With the ability to pierce through many different types of metals at unparalleled speeds, the Laser is by far one of the better options for profile cutting.

Our Laser is operated with a range of skilled operators and programmers who work together to ensure the best quality outcome for all parts that are cut with the Laser. Our 'lights out' capability means that the Laser can be programmed to run outside of working hours with the assistance of the automated loaders and unloaders which lead to further savings that we can pass on to the customer.

Capabilities of the Laser

  • Flat bed of up to 3048x1524
  • Precision cutting of up to 0.1mm
  • From small to large shapes
  • Quick processessing time
  • 'Lights Out' programming
  • Knowledgeable programmers can support consultancy around cutting gases and outputted results
  • Cut metals up to 16mm and Copper up to 6mm
  • Etching and engraving

Laser Parts


  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper


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