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Belfast Bridge Facade

Collaborating on a large-scale civil construction project

We were involved in the fabrication of a metal facade for the Belfast Bridge project on Christchurch’s Northern Corridor highway. This large-scale civil project required coordination with various teams and parties, including Christchurch City Council and Fulton Hogan. The bridge is a great eye-catcher on the Christchurch motorway, especially when it is lit up at night.

Fabrication and Welding
Powder Coating

Belfast Bridge Facade


This prestigious civil construction project came with some challenges that ENI and all parties involved were keen to solve.

As manufacturers of the facade, we needed to make sure the aluminium panels wouldn’t turn into a safety hazard by blinding drivers. The concrete structure of the bridge was convex, which meant our bracketing system needed to be flexible for an uneven surface.

Design for manufacturing

With those challenges in mind, our design team was heavily involved in the facade design process. Our engineers ensured all components are optimised for manufacturing and met the project’s safety requirements.

Belfast Bridge, Christchurch

Fabrication & delivery

Once the CAD designs were locked in, we produced high quantities of panels and brackets to meet the project roll-out.

With our logistics service, we delivered individual components to the work site and supported Fulton Hogan with installation.

Project manufacturing

We work with the government, construction businesses and other organisations to bring their visions to life. Our team guides through the manufacturing process from start to finish.

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