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Logistics solutions

We offer logistics services to complete our end-to-end approach. Once your products are manufactured and assembled, we will arrange delivery for you - to your customer’s doorstep or your own.

Packing and shipping

We work with logistics partners with wide domestic and international networks, so we can arrange delivery worldwide. Our process will fit around your needs, and can range from a full pack-ship-deliver service to packing single containers.

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On-site assembly

The advantage of having an in-house assembly team is that they can install structures at any local site. The ENI team have installed various bus shelters and outdoor furniture around New Zealand public places.


What freight forwarders does ENI work with?

We don’t have one partner we always work with. Based on our customers’ needs, we will find the right partner for the job. Freight forwarders we have worked with in the past include DHL and Mainfreight.

Can ENI install products nationwide?

Yes, we can install structures New Zealand wide. Talk to our team to find out more about what this might entail.

Can ENI deliver straight to our customers?

Yes, we can fulfill customer orders directly from our warehouse. Internal process will need to be implemented to ensure correct delivery, which you can discuss in more detail with our team.

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More of what we can do

We deliver ‘from crate to carton’ manufacturing solutions. ENI supports you from the initial design concept right through to logistics. Find out more about our other capabilities: