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Automated metal laser, punch, fold

In pre-fabrication, we use high-tech machinery by leading technology brand Trumpf. Our process is based heavily on automation to guarantee precision and quality outcomes for your project.

Pre-fabrication processes

In the automated pre-fabrication process, raw materials turn into product components. It is the first manufacturing step on the way to an assembled product.

Our capabilities in pre-fabrication include:

  • Laser cutting

  • Punching

  • Folding

Our automation capabilities

We have the skill and technology to deliver the highest quality for pre-fabricated metal components. Find out more about each of our capabilities in automation:

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is an accurate and cost effective method, enabling minimised waste and production time. With the ability to pierce through many different types of metals at unparalleled speeds, the Laser is by far one of the better options for profile cutting.

Our Laser is operated with a range of skilled operators and programmers who work together to ensure the best quality outcome.

Our punching machine can run 24/7 allowing for flexibility and cost effectiveness. To minimise production costs, our programming software ensures optimal use of material in order to reduce scrap and production times.

Our CNC Controlled Press Brakes have the capability to fold lengths of up to 3.6m. Enabled to programme parts offline using 3D folding programming software, it offers critical dimensions to be achievable on a consistent basis. We have a wide range of tooling to ensure capability of folding difficult parts on a variety of metals and a selected range of plastics.

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World-class machines, for world-class results

Our factory is equipped with advanced laser, punching and folding technology. We use machines and systems by Trumpf to help us maximise our productivity.


What are the technical capabilities of ENI’s laser machine?

Capabilities of our Trumpf Fibre Laser:

  • Flat bed of up to 3048x1524

  • Precision cutting of up to 0.1mm

  • From small to large shapes

  • Quick processessing time

  • Cut metals up to 16mm and Copper up to 6mm

  • Etching and engraving

What are the technical capabilities of ENI’s punch machine?

Capabilities of our punch machine:

  • 3mm max. material thickness on Stainless Steel and Mild Steel

  • 5mm max. material thickness on Aluminium.

  • Sheet size of up to 2500x1250 before repositioning

What are the technical capabilities of ENI’s folding machine?

Capabilities of our folding machine:

  • Material lengths of up to 3.6m

  • Any type of ferrous and non-ferrous materials

  • Selected range of plastics

Machine punching patterns out of metal

More of what we can do

We deliver ‘from crate to carton’ manufacturing solutions. ENI supports you from the initial design concept right through to logistics. Find out more about our other capabilities: