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Our why

At ENI, we believe that an organisation must belong to all who join it, not just those who lead it. We want to create belonging, so we all grow safely together.

Five males in orange overalls standing with one another

What is the most important thing in the world? It is people.

He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tangata.

Our purpose. Our why.

At ENI, we focus on not only what we do and how we do it but also why we do it.

Our ‘Why’ is our purpose - it is our ‘reason for being’. Our ‘Why’ is our values, our ambitions, how we work safely with each other and the importance of our customers. We work hard to help each other to be better people. This makes better families and better communities.

Our ‘Why’ guides us as we take on big things ahead.

Our ambition for the future

We strive to ‘achieve the impossible’ by being better every day.

Our customers are important to us.

We know our customers are depending on us for their success. Because of this, we will always aim to deliver a superior experience. When our customers are successful, we are successful.

We understand our customers’ problems and how we can help solve them. It is our goal to simplify and clarify complexity with what we do. We go above and beyond and always take a proactive approach.