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Contract manufacturing

We provide complete contract manufacturing solutions or fit into the production process as needed. We can help drive costs out of manufacturing, so going local is as cost-effective as outsourcing offshore.

Metal sheets

How we can work together

Complete assembly build
High & low volume production

We fit into your existing supply chain and assemble product components. Our facility fully integrates with your in-house production or other manufacturers. You can be sure to receive components on time and of the best quality.

If you are looking for a partner to help with the full production process, ENI can help. We have the capacity to manufacture and assemble complete products. You receive finished products on time and of the best quality.

Our facilities are set up to produce in the ‘tens’ as well as in the ‘thousands’. We can accommodate low-volume manufacturing for businesses in earlier stages. We also support high volumes for established organisations looking to outsource.

Our approach

We deliver unique outcomes - but our approach to get there is always the same. We follow an efficient process that factors in all stages of the production line.

01 Listen

Listening is a fundamental skill in our business. We understand the true needs and requirements of our customers before the project starts.

02 Think

Our team of engineers, metalwork specialists and project managers think the process through from start to finish. All while understanding the security implications of your intellectual property.

03 Prototype

The early stages of prototyping involve open collaboration between our and your team. We identify pain points, set expectations, and our design engineers create a functional prototype.

04 Produce

We use insights gained from all previous stages to identify the best manufacturing strategy for your product. Once production starts, we ensure quality control measures are being implemented.

Our work in contract manufacturing

Power utilities

Aurora Energy Falcon Shield

ENI's ‘Falcon Shield’ helps electricity lines companies ensure they meet reliability standards and protects the native New Zealand falcon (Kārearea).

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