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We design and build outdoor infrastructure, street furniture and plumbing fixtures. We have 25 years experience in this sector and big ideas for the future of public places.

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Creating safe spaces

Safety is (and always will be) priority number one with seating and shelters in public spaces. In the product design process, we make sure structures provide optimum shelter, so everyone can feel safe at any time of day or night.

Environmentally-friendly structures

We want to create outdoor furniture and shelters that aren’t putting additional strain on the environment. This ranges from ensuring structures fit in with the surrounding environment to adding features like solar panels or EV charging stations.

Accessible for all

New Zealand public spaces are there for everyone to enjoy. Our extensive background in this industry helps us develop seating, shelters and other infrastructure that is accessible to people of all abilities.

Hub of the future

Our public spaces are where people can come together, and communities can thrive. We want to do our part in making them safe, accessible and sustainable.

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Our work in the sector

Seating & shelters

Manchester Street Bus Shelters

We produce bus shelters for Christchurch City Council. These follow a modular system, so they can be configured for various needs and locations.

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