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At ENI, we pride ourselves on providing end-to-end solutions. This is why we not only cover metal fabrication but also product assembly services. We can take care of this crucial supply chain step to deliver the finished end product to you or your customers.

Our assembly area

We have a designated assembly area, situated right next to our powder coating oven. It provides minimised risk of damage during transport and handling.

Our highly-skilled assembly team can handle a wide variety of products, ranging from small electrical components to large structures. We can work with components manufactured at ENI and additional supplied parts - or a mix of both.

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Quality guarantee

We follow a thorough testing and quality control programme to ensure top quality in the finished products we deliver. Long-term customers, including Stoddart, Vector and Expleco, trust in ENI when it comes to assembling their products.


What kinds of products does ENI assemble currently?

We work with customers from a variety of industries. Currently, we assemble products for companies like Vector, Stoddart and Explico. Final products range from consumer products (e.g. fireplaces) and electrical cabinets to full bus shelters.

Can ENI handle high-volume assembly?

Yes, we can do assembly for high-volume production runs. We have a dedicated team whose sole focus is assembling products. Our processes are highly-coordinated and utilising the latest technology to handle large quantities.

Can ENI do low-volume assembly?

Yes, we can assemble products in small batches or even make unique pieces.

How can ENI help make the assembly process more efficient?

We are always looking for ways to make the production process more steamlined - not only our in-house production but also our customers’ supply chains. If we spot opportunities, we can adjust our process to save resources for our customers. If it is more efficient to have components delivered to our factory and assembled here, we will make that happen.

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More of what we can do

We deliver ‘from crate to carton’ manufacturing solutions. ENI supports you from the initial design concept right through to logistics. Find out more about our other capabilities: