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CAD design

The design team is a big part of our mission to make production as efficient as possible. They make sure the product design is optimised for manufacturing, to reduce resources needed from both us and you.

From vision to reality

We work with 2D and 3D CAD modelling software ‘Auto Desk Inventor’. The software programme allows our mechanical engineers to develop and adjust components, so your product can move through our factory seamlessly.

Our team can bring your vision to life, whether it’s a rough sketch or an elaborate visual 3D design. We can guide you from the prototyping process right through to ongoing production.

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Design and automation

To ensure a seamless process, our design team has a digital link to our programmes on the factory floor. We work with automated metal fabrication machines and software by Trumpf. Our design team programmes these to reduce material wastage as much as possible.


What software do ENI use for CAD designs?

We use a software called ‘Auto Desk Inventor’ for all our CAD designs.

Is ENI's 3D modelling compatible with other software?

Yes, our 3D modelling software ‘Auto Desk Inventor’ is compatible with most other CAD design software, which allows you to transfer your drawings to our design team easily. If you are unsure about the compatibility of your drawings, please get in touch with our team.

When is the right time to involve ENI?

The right time to involve our design team will depend on how far into the product development process you are. We can help you develop a manufacturable product from a sketch on a piece of paper. Or we can refine your CAD designs to optimise them for the manufacturing process. In general, we would recommend involving our team as early as possible, to avoid having to re-work a concept later on.

Can ENI take care of structural sign-offs?

Yes, we can handle structural sign-offs for you. While we don’t have certified structural engineers in-house we have partners that can issue PS1 Certificates.

What skillsets does the ENI design team have?

People in our design team are a mix of engineers and manufacturing experts. Both parties work together in ensuring efficiency - from initial design thinking through to ‘making it happen’ on the factory floor.

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More of what we can do

We deliver ‘from crate to carton’ manufacturing solutions. ENI supports you from the initial design concept right through to logistics. Find out more about our other capabilities: