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Powder coating services

Our powder coating plant is where we add a finishing touch to your product components. We are QNET accredited by Dulux Powder & Industrial Coating Supplies and can offer a range of finishes and colours.

Benefits of powder coating

Powder coating has the advantage of making products long-lasting and protect against corrosion. We can powder-coat aluminium and steel.

With our range of colours and finishes, we can recreate any optics required for your products or project.

We have a PLC-controlled raised oven, which allows us to be efficient when powder-coating products.

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Dulux-certified powder coating, for large and small batches

Whether your production is high or low-volume, our Dulux-certified powder coating facility can handle it. We have dimensional flexibility in our oven, which allows for parts up to four metres wide.

We’re proud to be a Dulux & PPG powder coating approved applicator


What are ENI’s technical capabilities in powder coating?

Our technichal capabilities in powder coating include:

  • • A unique range of colours

  • • Many finishing textures

  • • Durable finish

  • • Pre-treatments available

  • • Semi-automated railing system reduces production times

  • • Large batch oven (please contact our team for specific details)

How does powder coating work?

Powder coating is a process where coloured powder is applied to a metal product, using a power gun. Different powder components can create a variety of textures and colours. Once the colour is applied, the metal part is transferred to an oven where the colour is baked into the surface.

Why do you powder-coat products?

Powder coating has two main benefits: Firstly, metal components can be coloured to create any optics that are needed (e.g. to fit in with the surrounding environment). Secondly, it makes metal more durable and ensures products are longer-lasting.

Will powder-coated steel rust?

Powder coating makes steel surfaces a lot more durable and resistant to rust. The surface treatment gives the steel product many more years without rust if compared to untreated steel. However, over time, powder-coated steel will rust if surfaces crack open.

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We deliver ‘from crate to carton’ manufacturing solutions. ENI supports you from the initial design concept right through to logistics. Find out more about our other capabilities: