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Our responsibility

As a New Zealand manufacturer, we know we have responsibilities and are committed to exceeding them. For our people, our communities and our planet.

Care for tomorrow.
Act today.

We are committed to understanding and minimising the impact of operations on our environment through education of employees, good practice procedures and compliance with NZ Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.

At the core of our sustainability strategy is our pledge to protect our environment and to prevent any form of pollution. We do this while meeting the expectations of our clients for service and quality, and providing a safe work environment for all employees.

We will regularly assess our impact.

Creating a sustainable value chain

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Minimising waste

Increasing energy from sustainable sources

Caring for our people

Protecting our waterways

Promoting sustainable growth

Health & safety:
People-led, not policy-led

Health and safety at ENI is 100% owned by employees.

We believe in safety leadership, based on our value of ‘doing better every day’.

Our safety leaders help our people succeed with health and safety, rather than ‘telling them off’.

We want health and safety to be about more than compliance.

Our focus: Every employee needs to go home healthy every day.