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Manchester Street Bus Shelters

Bus Shelters for Christchurch City Council

Manchester Street bus shelters are the result of creative thinking and teamwork

Christchurch City Bus Shelters is a large and ongoing project for ENI, where we work closely with Dominion Constructors.

Fabrication and welding
Powder coating
Mechanical assembly

The project


Working with Dominion Constructors, ENI were contracted to manufacture the new bus shelters on Manchester Street in Christchurch, one of the most heavily re-developed areas since the 2011 earthquakes.


With ENI’s design team and skilled engineering knowledge, we put together the shop drawings based on the supplied information from the architects and structural engineers.

Zinc-arc spraying

The initial requirement had been to see the entire design galvanised, which wasn't feasible. We came up with the alternative of zinc-arc spraying, which provides the metalwork with similar protection.

Bolted fixtures

Working with the architects and structural engineers, we changed some of the larger components to bolted rather than welded connections. This had an additional benefit for transporting the components to the site.

Complex assembly

The design and assembly were complex. The bus shelters are large structures, and contained within are smaller structures, which are the enclosed seating areas.

Outdoor infrastructure

We design and build outdoor infrastructure, street furniture and plumbing fixtures. Anything is possible in our facilities, including perforated art and powder coating.

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