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Global Composting Solutions

Collaborating for sustainable waste treatment solutions

Global Composting Solutions is a business specialising in waste treatment solutions. We have worked closely with them for over five years to create environmentally responsible and efficient systems. ENI has assisted Global Composting Solutions in optimising their product design for the manufacturing process, providing design alterations, a flexible manufacturing approach and partial product assembly.

Fabrication and Welding

How we work together

About the business

Global Composting's sustainable waste treatment solutions are based on the principles of aerobic composting, which mimics the natural microbial composting process on the forest floor.

Their systems are used around the world in organisations such as zoos, universities, remote islands and resorts, councils, waste management facilities and food factories.

About the technology

By controlling oxygen, moisture, agitation and temperatures, the system creates the perfect environment to promote microbial growth, accelerating the composting process to 10-12 days.

Due to the waste material being contained within the vessel, the process is more environmentally friendly than landfill as no odours or leachates are produced. Global Composting Solutions ensure a closed waste cycle, producing nutrient and carbon-rich compost. When applied to land, the compost enhances the quality and structure of the earth for years to come. 

Reshoring manufacturing

Recently, Global Composting Solutions has brought a portion of their manufacturing back to New Zealand, manufacturing 100% of their smaller units with ENI. The decision to reshore production was influenced by several factors, including the Covid pandemic and the increasing cost of freight.

Manufacturing locally brought greater economic feasibility for their on-demand production approach. Working with a local partner like ENI has also provided them with greater flexibility, reduced travel costs and fewer resources spent on quality checks.

Manufacturing process

The production process has been a collaborative effort between Global Composting Solutions and ENI. Our design team have made product drawings more buildable, reducing the cost of manufacturing.

Similar to all our contract manufacturing partnerships, we take a very flexible approach and can produce new Global Composting Solutions systems on demand. While we take care of the pre-assembly, Global Composting Solutions handles the final product assembly and logistics.

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We provide complete contract manufacturing solutions or fit into the production process as needed. If you're looking for a manufacturing partner, feel free to reach out to our team.

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