Excellence and Innovation in the field of sheet metal fabrication has been part of ENI Engineering’s name and culture since the company’s inception in 1993.  We believe in constantly striving for improvement in what we do best and creating partnerships that are of mutual benefit to all parties, which involves delivering quality product in full and on time. 

The company’s greatest asset is our staff.  Our people are actively encouraged to put their ideas forward in order to provide innovative solutions, to improve the company’s overall performance and participate in our extensive staff training programme.

ENI Engineering Ltd is fully committed to providing superior customer service and to working alongside our customers to develop and further enhance your products.

Our Purpose

Our main purpose at ENI Engineering is to continue to grow both our customers’ businesses and our own; we believe good partnerships thrive when each party concentrates on what it does best. For us this means delivering quality product and superior customer service.

We strive to do this by valuing our greatest asset, our people. We give them the tools they need to help them grow, think and provide solutions creatively while continually presenting new ways to better manage our business. We rely on them to continually implement programmes and strategies to promote growth and development. We encourage them to search for new ways to add value.