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Our recent work with the Energy Sector: Net-Zero Carbon Future

In recent years, our country has emerged as a global leader in energy transformation, spearheading ambitious initiatives to transition towards a future of sustainable and renewable energy.

The government has set the goal of achieving 100% renewable electricity generation by 2030. With an abundance of renewable energy resources, such as geothermal, hydro, wind, and solar power, we have the potential to achieve this ambitious target.

ENI has been working with businesses in the energy sector for years and has recently launched projects in renewable power generation. Read on to learn more about how we can help transform New Zealand’s energy infrastructure.

First New Zealand-Made Combiner Box for Solar Farms

Solar energy is on the rise as part of New Zealand’s path to the net-zero carbon goal. However, there are unique challenges to building and running solar farms. One of them was that all combiner boxes (a box that bundles energy from solar panels into cables) had to be imported. Solar farms had to order big quantities and lead times were long, which led to an inefficient process.

We are the first manufacturer in New Zealand to develop a combiner box locally. This is a game changer for New Zealand solar farms. They can now order the boxes to be delivered as and when they need them, with a quick turnaround and in quantities they actually need.

Our engineering team developed a standardised aluminium combiner box that can be customised with electrical technology prevalent in solar panel farms. The box acts as a centralised hub, collecting energy from individual solar panels and streamlining its distribution throughout the farm and into the network.

We offer a complete solution for our partners, including the manufacturing of the aluminium boxes, their assembly and customisation with electrical components. Our skilled metal fabrication and assembly teams handle the end-to-end manufacturing process for the boxes.


Our Process for Customised Solutions

While standardised products like the solar combiner box in our portfolio allow for quick-turn-around, low-customisation orders, we also have experienced engineers who can help develop bespoke product solutions.

The ENI engineers design equipment with the needs of the energy sector and optimisation for the manufacturing process top-of-mind. They can help drive costs out of manufacturing, reduce wastage and recommend the most durable material solution.

Get in touch with our team to talk about the right solution for your organisation.


Future Outlook

ENI Engineering remains committed to further refining its solutions to cater to the evolving demand in the energy sector and the fulfilment of a net-zero carbon future. We continue to collaborate with solar farm operators and other renewable energy providers, incorporating valuable feedback into product optimisations.

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