Recently, ENI Engineering announced a partnership with Australian manufacturing company Stoddart. They specialise in outdoor infrastructure (bus shelters, seating, outdoor furniture), and plumbing such as stainless steel toilets and sinks for outdoor facilities.

Initially, the partnership has seen ENI working with Stoddart's marketing department to become exclusive distributors of Stoddart outdoor infrastructure and street furniture in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. However, a key long term objective of the partnership is for Stoddart to become the leading infrastructure brand in the marketplace, while ENI becomes the go-to manufacturer.

The partnership has expanded its offering to include Stoddart Perf Art, which are perforated metal products combining design creativity with strength, precision, versatility and functionality. Architectural applications include facades, balustrades, false ceilings and perforated screens. Local examples are many of the New architecturally-designed buildings in the Christchurch CBD, and throughout the Justice Precinct.

What it means for our customers is the ability to bring sophisticated metal work to architectural design. For example, the concept design for a wind shelter might be a fern or a kiwi; ENI and Stoddart's partnership means an end-to-end solution that would design and manufacture the piece using high-performance CNC machinery.


In addition to Perf Art, ENI is now a New Zealand distributor of Stoddart Plumbing Fixtures. This involves mainly stainless steel products such as hand basins, urinals and toilets that are installed in Council, educational and correctional facilities, as well as Department of Conservation huts throughout the country.

This expanded offering means that ENI are strongly positioned to support organisations like councils, correctional departments and the Department of Conservation, and offer end-to-end solutions. We can design and build infrastructure street furniture, public toilets, public seating and bus shelters using perforated metal technology, and other Perf Art panelling for public areas.

The partnership with Stoddart has enabled ENI to increase what we can offer our customers beyond our core services of metal work and sheetmetal fabrication.

If you’d like to learn more about ENI’s partnership with Stoddart and what we can offer, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.